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2864 m

The highest peak of Julian Alps

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IFMGA - International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations

The Kingof its Kingdom

Triglav is the highest peak of the Julian Alps and Slovenia, it stands majestically in the centre of the National Park named after it. ‘He’ is the true ruler of near and far surroundings.

A silhouette of Slovenian sacred mountain and nation’s highest peak proudly stands on the national flag as a national coat of arms. Triglav not only has an appeal on its people, it truly is an international giant as people from all over the world pilgrimage to its kingdom. The first president of Slovenia, Milan Kučan, said it is a duty of every Slovene to climb Triglav at least once in their lifetime.

Triglav means three heads (tri glave). Although the mountain is compact, from south it shows 3 heads. On the left is Rjavec (2568m), in the middle is main summit, Triglav (2864m) and on the right is Mali Triglav (2725m, small Triglav). The 2864-metre-high limestone mountain Triglav has been a source of inspiration, devotion, countless stories and legends for Slovenes for more than a millennium.

The early Slavs may have believed the mountain was the home of a three-headed deity who ruled the sky, the earth and the underworld, but no one managed (or dared) to reach the summit until just two centuries ago.

Thanks to the initiative of Ziga Zois (1747-1819) Triglav was first climbed on August 26th 1778. The four brave men that climbed it were Luka Korošec, Matija Kos, Štefan Rožič and Lovrenc Willomitzer. They climbed from Bohinj lake, over Velo Polje (today Vodnikov Dom hut) to Ledine (today Planika hut) and further to Mali Triglav. Behind it the notorious ridge awaited them. They had to literally ride it because it was so narrow and had a few hundred meters drop on both sides. Triglav was one of the first important alpine peaks climbed at the time.

Ski Safari Julian Alps

Ski Safari Julian Alps

Explore the magnificent Julian Alps and Triglav National Park on skies


This program offers flexibility to search for the best conditions at the time, explore a vast and diverse area and adapt to the experience of the group or individuals.. Travel from town to town and ski the best snow at the moment with a trusted guide, spend the evenings in 3 different charming towns of the Triglav National Park area, enjoying traditional food and learn about the local legends, than hideout for a night in a cozy mountain hut full of character (our favorite!) in Sella Nevea. Welcome to Ski Safari Julian Alps!



It is suitable for skiers and snowboarders who love to explore, taste some local cuisine, get to know Triglav National Park and are not afraid to do a bit of hiking to reach some amazing terrains for skiing.


1650€/person (3-6 clients)
1900€/person (2 clients)

The price includes: IFMGA professional guide, all transfers (including to and from Ljubljana airport), 6x half board accommodation (with dinner and breakfast) 3x Bled, Kranjska Gora , Bovec and Rifugio Gilberti, welcome drink and traditional cake (Potica , Gibanica or Kremšnita)

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Avalanche safety workshop

Avalanche safety workshop

Learn how to plan and find terrain with the best snow conditions a night before your trip and how to safely make the most of your day in the mountains


Reading snow and terrain is an essential skill for every mountaineer, especially for backcountry skiers and snowboarders. Together with Pieps, the worldwide leading company in the technology of manufacturing avalanche transceivers we have developed a fine-tuned one-day Avalanche Skills Training Workshop. You will learn about snow, stability tests, how to organize rescues, have intense training on Pieps ART station and more.



The workshop is suitable for everyone who likes spending their winters in the mountains - skiing, snowboarding or hiking.. We can adapt to different levels of experience - beginner to expert, add the basic use of crampons, ice axe, rope skills, setting belay points, how to build improvised stretchers etc… Our program can also be a perfect team building activity on a highly professional level.


250€ individual workshop
120€/person (group workshop 2-8 people)

Contact us for Teambuilding or group workshops and we will customize it depending on your wishes and number of participants!

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Latest News

March 30, 2019

One of the snowiest places in Europe - Heliski Albania

For the past few years, even more so than before, us skiers and snowboarders are forced to scout for snow, analyze the forecasts and weather patterns in order to catch great powder turns. With ever growing skiing community, finding a place away from the crowds or even more; the terrain that is Untouched and Unskied is becoming almost impossible. In our quest to find something wild, remote, isolated and with loads of good quality snow - we headed south, into the heart of the Balkans. After years of analyzing, exploring and preparing, together with Sebastian Fleiss, we found our new base for the winter.

March 1, 2019

Exploring the unknown

We are happy to say we have finished another successful winter season. Our avalanche safety workshops for individuals and professionals had the most attendance in the past 10 years, we are proud of the fact that we are building a strong freeride and touring community in this part of Europe! We have set up safety protocols and avalanche safety procedures for a new Catski operation in Kosovo.

April 28, 2018

Legends of Triglav - The Goldenhorn

The mountains have been a source of inspiration, devotion, countless stories and legends for the people for more than a millennium. The Kingdom of Triglav is home to countless legends and Mythical beings and it is only right to start with the one every child in Slovenia knows about - The Legend of the Goldenhorn.

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Activities & Courses

Via Ferrata courses - beginners to experts

From learning the basics to climbing the magnificent North wall of Triglav

“Iron road” makes climbing more accessible and takes you to amazing exposed places usually reserved just for mountain goats, climbers or alpinists. Variety of the routes and their difficulties makes this activity suitable for experienced mountaineers as well as families and beginners. True our courses you will learn how to use the equipment and safely enjoy climbing via ferrata routes on your own.

Sunny Via Botanica

Change your perspective for the afternoon - via ferrata routes with stunning views and wild flora

If you enjoy the heights, amazing views and exposed places this via ferrata is just for you! You will see picturesque Mojstrana village, the great upper Sava Dolinka valley and the full Karavanke range. During the summer a late afternoon evening climb in the shade is much better than the morning activity, but in the spring and the fall you can enjoy and keep warm on the sun during the whole day. Variety of the routes and their difficulties makes this activity suitable for experienced mountaineers as well as families and beginners. Wild Alpine flowers growing next to the path will bring smiles to your faces and make this experience even more unforgettable!

THE COOLER - canyon climb

A MUST DO summer acctivity while your stay in the Julian Alps area

Set inside the beautiful Hladnik (The Cooler) canyon we have set up an amazing via ferrata road. From the refreshing abient inside the canyon you will be able to enjoy the views over one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Julian Alps - Mt.Špik range and Gozd Martuljek village. You will be crossing the river over the hanging cable bridges and climb next to the crystal-clear waterfalls. The canyon is diverse and refreshing with a new surprise waiting behind every corner.

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